New Potential Client

I began communication with a single woman who desires to stop paying rent and wants to purchase a Condo in Los Angeles, CA. We began discussions in Nov. 2010.
The woman said she had some bad debt she needed to clear up first. So I made some suggestions. None of which she utilized.
By Dec. 2010 she ask me to begin sending her listings of foreclosures under $100,000 which I did. None of which she looked at.
Now it is Jan. 2011 and the woman has not asked to go look at any of the properties nor has she continued ongoing communication. She only conversant with me at church before and after service regarding what she plans on doing.
Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, people say and do unpredictable things which perhaps makes sense to them but perhaps may not always be in their best interest.
When the woman and I last spoke she informed me that she plans on purchasing a list of foreclosures from a Registry and will use the advice of her family member to help her understand the paperwork because that particular family member purchased a home four years ago.
I will continue to make myself available to this woman offering her information to assist her with making choices. I am knowledgeable in this industry, confident and honest. If I can offer you the best options guaranteed would you do business with me?
Paying a registry is fine if that is what you choose. However, a registry is not going to look out for your best interest. They are trying to move a property, period.
When you decide to purchase property for the first time can and is scary. I totally understand that. It is comforting to have someone represent you that has your best interest at heart. I work hard for my clients to reassure them the best options available to them at that particular time.
Real Estate forms are changing all the time. I want my clients to be happy that they made a sound decision. And, I want them to ask me any question that is on their mind. I am here to help place you into the property of your dreams. Call me @ 310-654-3010.

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