Getting bad tenants out in a rent control area of Los Angeles, CA apartment

My original clients called and ask, “Do you know a good eviction lawyer?” I said, “call your apartment association for the recommended eviction attorney for your area”. They called the appropriate people and found out something very remarkable.

Well, first they were told they couldn’t simply evict these people based on the fact that the families son is a known criminal. You see the son is on parole and part of his parole states that he is not to associate with other known criminals. The son violated his parole.

There were a couple of events that happen which makes the landlords want to evict these people. First, the son has a party with known gang members and the party gets out of hand and the police are called in. The party disturbs the other tenants on the property. Second, another event that happens is the LAPD and S.W.A.T. team show up to do a routine parole check when bad news break out.  The son was in the house with a known criminal and they were socializing. Well, the associate of the son ran out the door, the son on parole’s mother handed the young man running a brown paper bag. The young man hops over a fence and gets away. The owner of the property just happened to be on the location at the time all of this happened. Next, the police convescate a large hump some of money from the house and arrest the son on parole.

These are the events that have happen. The attorney tells the landlords that they can not evict this family. First, the family never had a “No Trespassing sign” placed in a clear visible place. Second, the landlord needs the police report. Third, the landlords then need to apply for a permit from the city of Los Angeles to evict. After all of this, it is actually up to the city to make the final decision. It takes the police department several weeks to a month to process the report and have it ready for the landlords. And on top of this the landlords are charged a fee of $35 for the report.

So overall, my buyers are no longer looking to buy in Los Angeles. However, they are going to keep the duplex that they have for now. They have made $95,000 (equity) in 6 month. Great buy! I am now working on a duplex for them in the Southbay area.


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