Working my farm and meeting new people

I have returned to one of my old neighborhoods which has now become my farm. I find myself outside in my front yard twice a week watering the front lawn. Quite a few of my neighbors either walk their dogs everyday or walk for exercise themselves. This makes for a perfect opportunity for me to get acquainted and re-aquainted with my neighbors. I have posted business cards in the neighborhood grocery store bulletin board and am putting the final touches on new post cards. I have had 100 post cards made so far. I will be distributing them by the end of August.

Currently I am doing open houses and am working with some property investors seeking income property in the South Bay area.

I meet all kinds of people everyday. I have even met a young woman from a foreign country (now US citizen)that ask me to help her and her family straighten out her credit so that one day she can buy a house.

When I say that I enjoy helping individuals and their families fulfill their dream of owning a home I mean just that.

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