Picking a farm area

Well, after doing some extensive research I finally picked a farm area. I called my title company representative and asked for a listing of all the addresses and names of all owners in that area via “Instant Impact CD”.

Next, I added a new cellphone line with the farm area code and signed-up for a post office box in the city. While at the post office I applied for “Bulk Mail” application incoming and outgoing.

I only have to create postcards to go out by mail. The key is to post my picture on both sides of the postcard. The reason for this strategy is to remind the person looking at the card what I look like. Remember to add a current picture of yourself so when you go door knocking the homeowner will recognize your face and associate it with your business.

I will ask significant questions on the card to be checked yes (ex.: yes I want to sell my home). Once this is done the homeowner can tear off the perpetrated section of the card and mail it back in to me or contact me by phone.

I will generate this mailing every month for 1 year.

I am so excited…

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