In the provisional period of a close.

My client was presented with 1 counter offer from the lender on a short-sale. My client accepted the counter and responded with 2nd counter offer. The initial offer was 50K “all cash” on a property listed at 60K. After the Broker Price Opinion (BPO), the value came in at 72K. This is a lovely piece of property with 3/2 1400 sq ft interior and 16000 sq ft lot size single story. My client have now secured a loan that will cover the rest of their expenses. My recommendations to every client is this, “If you feel you cannot hold on to your funds, put the money into a CD, cashier’s check or safety deposit box.” I will persue every possible avenue that is available in getting you into that property . What is most important is that you don’t spend unnecessarily. For instance, buying a house and a new/used car at the same time is probably not the best use of your funds. Decide which is most important and act accordingly.

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