My client and I generally meet at “Starbucks” on Hawthorne Blvd. and El Segundo Ave. in the City of Hawthorne. This is one of my favorite places to get together with a client and/or friends. My client is looking to purchase a 3 bd 2 bh home “ALL CASH” 18000 sq ft lot in Apple Valley. Prices are very low out that way for a piece of property. The price range we are seeking property is as high as $69k and below. Currently I’m working on a short sale for this particular buyer. Offer has been accepted by Lender, BPO has been performed, and awaiting deal on second.

All coffee-out I decide to arrange our meeting today at “Soul Food Kitchen” on Manchester Ave. and Labrea Blvd. in the City of Inglewood. The food was so delicious and plentiful, I will make it a point of going back for other meetings.

Sometimes clients are so excited about making an offer and may forget, from time to time, just exactly what it is they signed on the RPA. It is imperative for an agent to make completely sure that a client have a good understanding of what he/she or they have signed. And if not, the agent should ALWAYS go over the contract with them again answering all questions completely.

While I was explaining the HUD-1 Statement another person walked up and asked if I was an agent because they are looking for a piece of property and would like to have my business card. Well, the good thing was I just ordered 1000 new cards earlier this afternoon and had 1 business card left. I gladly exchanged cards and continued with my buyer.

Not all days go this smoothly but today was a good day to eat at Soul Food Restaurant.

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