Master Mind Groups

In the Master Mind group we share our experience from the previous week. We talk about what we feel we could of done differently, what we learned from each experience and how we can improve our skills. Each meeting is very motivating and enriching to the real estate experience. I would encourage every real estate person to get involved and share your knowledge and experience with others in the same field. We talk about the benefits of hosting a open house, whether it is your listing or another agent’s listing from another agency. Your objective is to find buyers. You may not sell that particular house that you are hosting but you should come out with a list of new buyers looking for other differences this particular listing doesn’t offer …Or, how important it is to calendar everyday some real estate activity in your daily schedule. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get to do everything in that day or even week. After the entire month is over go back and see how much or how many things you were able to concur in your schedule. For the next month, make a better attempt to improve your daily real estate activities.There are so many benefits to being involved in a Master Mind Group. Whatever your career field is in you and a group of others in the same field can put together your own Master Mind Group. I will keep you posted on various benefits of the Master Mind Group as a real estate agent next week.

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